• 12" LARGE METAL & GLASS FLOWER MAKES YOUR YARD ELEGANT & VIBRANT BY DAY - Our large metal & glass solar flower is created to add color and charisma to your yard - Blue & purple glass petals, metal leaves and petal frames, and a purple crackle glass globe - When the sunshine strikes the blossom, it glistens and shimmers - This assorted combination is sure to make your garden more elegant & vibrant at daytime.
  • 2" SOLAR PURPLE CRACKLE GLASS GLOBE CREATES MAGIC AT NIGHT - The solar purple crackle glass globe generates beautiful fractal patterns automatically at night and brings you a touch of magic! - The magical globe is solar powered & light sensored - charges with a solar panel, using 1 AA rechargeable NIMH battery (included) - Built-in photo sensor automatically turns the light on at dusk - The light sensor, acts as your timer - An Eco-friendly and low-maintenance way to light up your yard.
  • PREMIUM & DURABLE MATERIALS - Reinforced with durable metal materials; equipped with two sturdy metal stakes and a heavy glass flower with a crackle glass globe, resisting bending, cracking and chipping - LED light has a great lifespan and electrical efficiency - This blissfully bright glass flower decorative light will give you service for a long time.
  • FLEXIBLE & EASY DECORATING - Includes a glass flower with metal frame and two strong metal stakes for easy installation, convenient to decorate your yard - No wires, cords or extensions needed, easy to move, adds a charming glow to your garden decor and any plants, small landscape gardens, patio, balcony, or cubicle landscaping projects.
  • DEVOTED CUSTOMER SERVICE - Genuine BRIGHT ZEAL home LED light products - Certified under UL588 and Complies with 16 CFR 1120.3(c) - TRADEMARK filed in U.S.A. - In business since 1997 - For U.S. customers, this product comes with 1-MONTH FREE TRIAL & FREE life time customer service - You can always come to us for free customer service at: http://www.brightzeal.com

Product Name: LED Glass Flower Stake Light with Crackle Glass Globe
Color: Purple & Blue Flower; Purple Crackle Glass Globe
Product Overall Height: 40"
Material: Metal Frame & Glass Petals
Battery: 1 PRE-INSTALLED AA Rechargeable NIMH Battery


1. The striking flower design will bring nature-inspired beauty to your yard: G shimmering flower sways in your yard and flowerbed; glistening crackle globe shines like a crystal ball dancing on the blue & purple glass petals.
2. When the sun is up, the 12" BIG flower sways in the breeze, while absorbing solar energy for the night :)
3. As darkness falls, the purple crackle glass globe turns on by itself, creating a serene ambience.


1. Features the light sensor which acts as your smart timer: Beautiful purple crackle glass globe emerges like a crystal ball suspended in mid-air AUTOMATICALLY as darkness falls, bringing a touch of magic to your yard.
2. Under the starlight, the indistinct flower with the bright purple glass globe creates a garden fairyland atmosphere.


1. No electricity cost, charges with a solar panel, using one PRE-INSTALLED AA rechargeable NIMH battery.
2. Reinforced with sturdy metal for a polished look.
3. Designed to be easy decorating: can be staked in your lawn, bushes & flowers, or blend well with other yard decors.


1. Outdoor solar LED light will stay illuminated about 6-8 hours.
2. The switch will always be in the OFF position when you receive your order, you will need to switch it to the ON position during installation.
3. The fixture may turn off if the solar panel is located too close to street lights, porch lights or other lights.

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